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ULM - Go Warhawks! 10/18/17

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Here is a job TFG Construction Inc. did back in 2017 and was extremely happy to be applying some grading services on. Why? Well, not only did we get the pleasure of partnering to work on our local university, but... it is also TFG's alma matter. It is clear that the education that the T and the F, in TFG Construction Inc., received at ULM served them well, because 12 years later and TFG Construction Inc. was helping to "smooth out the ground" where their fellow Warhawks would be flying fast and setting new records. ULM's Track & Field Team trains at Brown Stadium where TFG Construction Inc. was applying the grading services. TFG Construction Inc. already proudly supports ULM, but now with the ULM track & field team earning many new titles, honors, and records, we can't help but feel like we played a small part in helping our fellow Warhawks soar to new heights. Thanks ULM and GO WARHAWKS!

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